as an entrepreneur
have you ever said to yourself
"i thought i would have more money by now"?
This doesn't Need to be your story - Let me show you how to Instantly Have More Time and Work Less Without Burn Out And Stress
WHY is this hurdle such a huge deal? If you are not managing your time effectively, you are not managing your business effectively...WASTING PRECIOUS TIME AND EXTRA INCOME EVERY DAY
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Are you desperate to get better results? 

To influence the success of your business, you must understand the link between your thought processes, neurotransmitters and behavior.

I will arm you with the latest strategies to leverage your productivity effectively in both your personal and business life. This book combines a wealth of principles and tools to help you master your internal world in order to succeed on the outside.

In these pages you’ll learn:

• The secrets to building a mindset geared for success and productivity 

• How the survival mechanism of fear and procrastination limits you internally and externally, and how to master them to your advantage

• How to increase your focus to clarify and fulfill your vision

• How to leverage what you’ve learned about habits, productivity and planning to turn your business into everything you envisioned it could be

If you’re confused as to why your business isn’t as successful as you would like, struggling with productivity or you simply want to master your mind and results, this book is for you.

Chapter 1: Cutting the Crap
  • How Your Mindset Affects Your Ability to Achieve Success 
  • ​D isempowering Beliefs  
  • ​Own up to your excuses
  • ​Conflicting Beliefs  
  • ​Empowering Beliefs
Chapter 2: Empty Canvas and the Paintbrush
  • Fears
  • ​Dealing with entrepreneurial fears
  • ​Vision and Mission Statements
Chapter 10: Identify your Time Thieves 
  • Ways to identify where your time goes
  • ​Be more assertive!  
  • Control your decisions to control your time  
  • ​Sharpen your focus!  
  • Stop multi-tasking and get more focused  
  • ​Prioritize Correctly  
  • Mind your time  
  • ​Why Does Your Mindset Matter?

Chapter 11: Follow Through with your Master Plan
Chapter 3: You are Your Habits
  • The Intentional Mind Versus the Habitual Mind
  • How quickly can you form a new habit? 
  • ​What are you waiting for?
  • ​Change Bad Habits: The Obstacles and How to Deal with Them 
  • Why are habits so hard to break?
  • ​How homoeostasis can affect the success of your business
Chapter 4: Stay on Track with Habits
  • How to Build Good Habits
Chapter 5: Replace the Old with the New 
  •  Exercises

Chapter 12: You are What You Eat

Chapter 13: Don’t Let your Emotions Run your Business
  •  Feeling overwhelm or stressed 

Chapter 14: Welcome the Challenges 
  • The big influencer
  • ​Perfectionism Can Be Hurting You
  • How to change your emotions to more empowering ones to move on  
Chapter 6: Create your Master Plan
  • SMARTER Goals
Chapter 7:  Align your Goals with your Vision
  •  Milestones
  • ​The Reward
Chapter 8: Technology, Enhancing  or Undermining?
  • How to Use Technology More Productively
  • ​Ideas for Productivity Using Technology 
Chapter 15: From Procrastination to Profit
  • What Is Procrastination Anyway?
  • ​Why is it becoming more and more of a problem
  • ​Why procrastination is in fact your partner in success
  • ​Key Tools to support you
Chapter 16: How to Use Procrastination to Be More Successful in Everything You Do
  • Step 1 - Starting Out  
  • ​Step 2 - Notice the Resistance  
  • ​Step 3 - Create the Right Space
  • ​Step 4 - Ask Key Questions  
  • ​Step 5 - One Step Closer to Success
  • ​Designing the Roadmap 
Chapter 9: Seamless Systems
  • How to Avoid Cookie-Cutter Solutions
Chapter 17: How to Analyze Why You Aren’t Winning in Business?
  • Manage your expectations

Peak Performance Productivity Coach
Kirstin O'Donovan
Kirstin O’Donovan is a business coach, author and founder of TopResultsCoaching. With more than ten years of experience working with clients in coaching and personal development, she helps entrepreneurs and small business owners improve their performances, results and bottom line through psychology and strategies. 

Kirstin has worked with some of the top names in coaching and writes for various international publications on productivity, especially in small business enterprises. 

She is also the author of Maximize Your Time to Maximize Your Profit and co-author of two books, The Confident Woman and There is GOLD inside YOU. 

Dedicated in fulfilling her clients’ utmost potential, Kirstin focuses on psychology, productivity, and entrepreneurship.
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"Excellent read for any entrepreneur serious about business and getting things done. I really enjoyed this book because it combines techniques and ways to think differently. Just applying a few concepts, I already feel more on top of my game and less stressed. Excited to implement more!"
"I like books that get straight to the point and this one sure does. Kirstin gives you direction and advice in a clear and concise way. An easy book to read with lots of honesty and 'how to's to lead a more productive life. I loved it and highly recommend it x"
"I loved this book so much! It gave me the kick I needed to shift everything around and I feel so much more organized and productive! It's entertaining, full of gold and very different from your traditional time management books! "
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